Calculation software

We offer you calculation software for structural timber construction, trapezoidal/sandwich profiles and solar installations.

Our free service for architects, planners, structural engineers, craftspeople and specialist dealers.<br/> With our professional calculation software, we support you in the professional execution of your work and the cost-optimised planning of your project.

Your advantages:

  • Calculation table availability
  • ETA approval as the basis of calculation
  • Complies with the latest standards (DIN 1052-10 and EC5)
  • Compatible product suggestions with high cost-effectiveness and without costly over-sizing of the mounting parts
  • Processing is simplified thanks to the suction and shear screws being the same length
  • Individual calculations can be performed by our structural engineers, including for special requirements
  • Available for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France in different languages
  • Having access to the latest online version saves memory and improves data quality
  • We will also be happy to make the calculation for you if necessary. For this, please send us the fully completed forms.


Online access to the calculation software

Modules available:

  • Over-rafter insulation/rainscreen cladding
  • Shear and axial connection
  • Main / secondary beam connection
  • Tensile shear connection
  • Double reinforcement
  • Lateral beam reinforcement
  • Wood/concrete composite 

Integrated screws

  • DNS® plus
  • HBS countersunk head
  • HBS wafer head
  • HBS hexagon head
  • HBS VG countersunk head
  • HBS VG cylinder head
  • UHB timber construction screw with under head thread
  • Wood-concrete composite screw
  • TKS A2
  • Wood-façade screw
  • Wood connector screw
  • R2 plus


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We perform the calculation for you to provide a practice-based and fast calculation for fastening trapezoidal and sandwich profiles for wall and roof elements.

Your advantages:

  • All the necessary certificates
  • Includes all load cases in Germany
  • Provides access to almost all sandwich/trapezoidal profiles with technical approval
  • Provides verification of the fasteners with the substructure, for both direct and indirect fixtures

If you are interested, fill in the appropriate form and send it to .

Note: The calculation is a service for our customers and does not replace verification by the responsible architect or structural engineer. The recommendation must therefore be checked by all persons involved in the construction process.


Dario Weiland
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The REISSER calculation software works out the number of solar fasteners required for the solar installation for your construction project.

Simply download the file, unzip and install the software.


Download software


Dario Weiland
Phone: +49 7940 127-0
Fax: +49 7940 127-49