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Universal self-drilling screw for indoor and outdoor applications


  1. TX drive
    Excellent power transmission
    Secure application, no slipping
    Problem-free application with standard tools
  2. Countersunk head
    Flush countersinking, no risk of injury
    Milling ribs, no pre-counterboring required
  3. Partial thread
    Single-start thread for high load capacity
  4. Drill tip
    Drills hardwood, wooden materials, aluminium up to approx. 3 mm and sheet steel up to approx. 0.6 mm
    Prevents the wood splitting
  5. Material/surface
    Hardened carbon steel
    Zinc plated blue free of chrome VI or zinc plated yellow
    RUSPERT® coating
    Stainless steel A2, high resistance against corrosion
    Slide coating for easier screwing in

Field of application:

  • Indoor areas, outdoor areas, wet rooms, gardening and landscaping, fence construction, façade construction, decking

Application recommendation: 

  • Pre-drilling may be required depending on the wood quality and application situation