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For direct wood-steel screw connections


  1. TX drive
    Excellent power transmission
    Safe application, no slipping
    Problem-free application with standard tools
  2. Stepped head
    Prevents splintering
    Flush countersinking
    Optimal pressing of the wood
  3. Special thread
    Screws in wood, shapes and holds in steel
  4. Cutting grooves
    Screw doesn't seize up in steel
  5. Material/surface
    Bimetal stainless steel A4 with hardened steel tip RUSPERT® silver and brown
    RUSPERT® coating reduces the frictional resistance when screwing in and prevents seizing ("sticking")
    Minimizes the risk of screw breakage due to the high durability of the material A4
    Corrosion-resistant to seawater and acids
  6. Hardened door/window-leaf drill tip
    No pre-drilling of wood and steel substructures up to 6 mm
    No cracking in the wood


Field of application:

  • Direct screw connection of wood on steel substructures in indoor and outdoor areas
  • Terrace construction
  • Railing construction
  • Vehicle construction
  • Exposed walls

Application recommendation:

  • Drilling in wood and steel with medium speed, reduce the rotation speed when screwing. The screw tip must always protrude from the steel by at least 23 mm
  • Plank thicknesses approx. 16–50 mm