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  • RT UNI A2/A4
  • RT UNI A2/A4
  • RT UNI A2/A4

REISSER RT UNI decking screw

The screw for professional decking fastening


  1. SIT drive
    Fast drive finding
    Wobble-free screwing
    Maximum power transmission without the risk of over-tightening 
  2. Cylinder head
  3. Thread under head
    Beautiful appearance
    Firm pressing of the decking boards reduces creaking
  4. Special hardwood thread
    With reinforced core, resulting in high break resistance
  5. Patented DRIBO® drill element
    Immediate screw start minimizing the splitting effect in the wood, meaning that small edge clearances are possible
  6. Material/surface
    Stainless steel A4/A2 self colour, antique
    Stainless steel A4 RDR silver
    High corrosion resistance due to stainless steel A2
    Stainless steel A4 provides additional corrosion resistant to seawater and acid
    Reduced screw-in resistance due to high-performance slide coating
    RDR coating reduces the frictional resistance when screwing in and prevents seizing ("sticking")


Field of application:

  • Screwing of all common types of wood including softwoods, hardwoods, tropical wood such as Douglas fir, oak, Bankirai in outdoor areas, gardening and landscaping, terrace construction

Application recommendation:

  • Generally no pre-drilling required (depending on wood quality and density, preliminary tests recommended)