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The screw for reliable decking fastening


  1. TX
    Very good power transmission
    Secure working
    No slipping
  2. Small countersunk head
    With milling ribs
    Ensure good recessing of the head into the wood
  3. Thread under head
    Fixed pressure of the decking boards
    No creaking or wobbling of the decking boards
  4. Special thread
    Reinforced core
    High breaking resistance
  5. Scraper groove
    Pre-drills and prevents the material from splitting
    Immediate screwing start for quick and comfortable working
  6. Material/surface
    Stainless steel A4/A2 plain, antique
    Stainless steel A2: High resistance against corrosion
    Stainless steel A4: corrosion-resistant against salt water and acids
    Reduced screw-in resistance thanks to slide coating


Field of application:

  • For screwing all common types of pinewood, hardwood and tropical woods
  • Landscaping and gardening
  • Decking, façades, fences

Application recommendation: 

  • Pre-drilling may be required depending on the dimensions and wood quality
  • We always recommend pre-drilling the decking boards in hardwood