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REISSER Wing-type drilling screw for aluminium substructures

Direct joining of wood to aluminium


  1. SIT®
  2. Fast drive finding
    Screw in without wobble
    Maximum power transmission without the risk of over-tightening
    Processing with standard bit TX possible
  3. Stepped head
    Splintering is prevented
    Flush countersinking
    Firm pressing of the component
  4. Door/window-leaf drill tip
    No pre-drilling of wood and aluminium substructures of up to 3.5 mm required
    No cracking in the wood
  5. Material/surface
    A2/A4 stainless steel self colour
     Stainless steel A2/A4 antique - ideal for dark, light and greyed decking timber
    Suitable for wood containing large amounts of tannic acid and thermally treated woods
    Corrosion and acid-resistant
    Top-coat coating reduces the screw-in resistance

Area of application:

  • Terrace construction
  • Façade construction
  • Vehicle construction

Application recommendation: 

  • We recommend a screwdriver with depth stop or friction clutch.
  • The screw tip must always protrude at least 13 mm from the aluminium.
  • 45-mm length for boards up to 30 mm, 60-mm length for boards up to 45 mm
  • Usage: approx. 35 pcs./m²