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For special connections and fittings in timber construction


  1. TX drive
    Excellent power transmission
    Safe application, no slipping
    Problem-free application with standard tools
  2. Wafer head with under-head reinforcement
    Secure grip, high contact pressure through wafer head
  3. Coarse thread
    Fast screwing thanks to the large pitch
    High load capacity thanks to special thread geometry
  4. Tip rolled to the point
    Immediate precise screw grip
    Maximum load capacity
  5. Material/surface
    Hardened carbon steel
    Zinc plated blue free of chrome VI, zinc plated yellow or RUSPERT® coating
    Slide coating for easier screwing in
    Stainless steel A2

Field of application:

  • Universal use in timber construction, static load-bearing wood connections, post anchors and fittings, wood frame construction, stainless steel screws in outdoor areas exposed to direct weathering

Application recommendation: 

  • Pre-drilling may be required depending on the wood quality and application situation


  • Under-head reinforcement ideal for furniture fitting and angle connectors