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REISSER Wood connector screw

The screw for load-bearing connections


  1. TX
    Excellent power transmission
    No slipping
    Secure application
  2. Pan head
    Flat contact surface
    High contact pressure
    Fits perfectly and looks great
    Suitable for hinges and fittings
  3. Reinforced shank
    Form-fitting connection
  4. Asymmetrical thread
    Low screw-in torque
    High pull-out forces
  5. SPI tip
    Precise and immediate screw start
    Keeps the splitting effect in wood to a minimum
  6. Material/surface
    Steel zinc plated blue Slide coating reduces the screw-in resistance

Area of application:

  • Wood construction
  • Formwork construction
  • Renovation work

Application recommendation: 

  • Suitable for solid wood, laminated wood, board plywood, duo and trio joists, LVL from coniferous wood and hardwood (beech and oak).
  • Sheet preform connections and connections with high loads can be removed.
  • In contrast to nails, a screw connection in hard-to-reach holes is possible.