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REISSER Wood façade screw

For visible outdoor attachments


  1. SIT®
    Fast drive finding
    Screw in without wobble
    Maximum power transmission without the risk of over-tightening
    Processing with standard bit TX possible
  2. Raised countersunk head
    With milling pockets
    Clean countersinking in wood
    Fits perfectly and looks grea
  3. Asymmetrical thread
    Low screw-in torque
    High pull-out forces
  4. SPI tip
    Precise and immediate screw start
    Keeps the splitting effect in wood to a minimum
  5. Material/surface
    Stainless steel A2 self colour
    Top-coat coating reduces the screw-in resistance

Area of application:

  • Façade construction
  • Timber construction and fence construction
  • Landscaping and gardening

Application recommendation: 

  • Pre-drilling may be required depending on the dimensions and wood quality.