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  • Berechnungssoftware Trapez-/Sandwichprofile
  • Trapezoidal/sandwich profile calculation software
  • Logiciel de calcul profils trapézoïdaux/sandwich

Calculation software for trapezoidal and sandwich profiles

We perform the calculation for you to provide a practice-based and fast calculation for fastening trapezoidal and sandwich profiles for wall and roof elements.


Our software at a glance:

  • All the required verification
  • Includes all load cases in Germany
  • Provides access to almost all sandwich/trapezoidal profiles with technical approval
  • Provides verification of the fasteners with the substructure, both for direct as well as indirect fixtures

If you are interested, please fill in the appropriate form and send this to infoSpamvermeidung gegen Bots@reisser-screws.com.

Download form for sandwich profiles

Download form for trapezoidal profiles


The calculation is a service for our customers and does not replace verification by the responsible architect or structural engineer. The recommendation must therefore be checked by all persons involved in the construction process.