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Thanks to future-oriented investments in modern and innovative systems as well as new types of finishing, we are always up to date with the latest technology. We have been finishing surfaces since 1927, so we can fall back on many years of experience.

We offer you not just coating solutions for the fastenings industry, but also for components from a wide variety of industries such as the automotive industry, valve technology and mechanical engineering.

What we can do

An overview of our processes

By removing the surface in a single operation, electropolishing generates and optimises the technical and decorative properties and the absence of burrs on stainless steel surfaces.

First and foremost, it is used to reduce roughness and to polish the machined surface to a shine. We offer electropolishing for rack goods and, on request, also for treating bulk goods.


  • Metallic purity/passivity
  • Reduced friction coefficient
  • Favourable cleaning performance
  • Low product adhesion and reduced deposit formation
  • Decreasing germ adherence
  • Visually attractive appearance
  • Improved welding and soldering properties

Pickling removes a thin metallic layer from the steel's surface. A mixture of different acids is usually used for pickling stainless steels. 

Pickling removes tarnishing colours from welded constructions, in the area of which the chromium content of the steel surface is reduced.

Even slight scaling, e.g. after heat treatment, can be removed by pickling. The surface of stainless steels usually passivates automatically. However, under certain circumstances it may be necessary to support this process with an oxidising acid treatment.

In contrast to pickling, the passivation treatment does not remove any material. The nature and thickness of the passive layer are optimised in a targeted manner. Pickling and passivation do not take place simultaneously, but one after the other through separate acid treatments. The nitric acid used in the standard process has only a slight pickling effect on stainless steels and essentially serves to passivate it.


Variety of colours for screws, rivets and other connection elements. With our wet paint system, we can offer 25,000 colours (e.g. RAL, NCS, etc.) in more than 20 quality grades (glossy, matt). Your individual sample enables us to read out the paint system that is right for you. All areas can be covered, from a quantity of 1 up to series production.

The purpose of electroless nickel plating is to provide wear protection.

Following suitable heat treatment, from a layer thickness of just >3 µm the surface can reach a degree of hardness that brings out the positive properties of the electroless nickel layer. We offer electroless nickel via the rack process and, on request, for special requirements in the case of very small parts and bulk goods.


  • High wear resistance
  • Outstanding mechanical and technological properties
  • Extreme homogeneity
  • Layer with precise contours
  • Pore-free, first-class dimensional accuracy (also at the tips and in the cavities), layer thicknesses of ± 2 µm can be maintained
  • Non-magnetic, chemically very resistant and easy to solder
  • Food-safe and both lead-free and cadmium-free

Electro-galvanizing gives iron and steel long-term protection from rust and corrosion.

The corrosion resistance can be extended significantly by what is known as passivation. Depending on the ascertaining of corrosion resistance, the Cr(VI)-free processes such as blue passivation or thick-film passivation (with and without nanoparticles) are available. With the help of our special pre-treatment, we can also galvanise stainless steels.  The process is characterised by a high degree of economic efficiency.

Finishing as barrel goods: Small parts and bulk goods

Finishing as rack goods: Large and sensitive parts


  • Sustainable and economical
  • corrosion protection
  • Significant extension of the corrosion resistance and high adhesive strength through passivation
  • Cr(VI)-free processes
  • Stainless steel zinc plating possible
  • Various top coats and anti-friction coatings

The Ruspert® coating provides reliable corrosion protection. Parts coated in Ruspert® are ideal for use in maritime, industrial or tropical climates. 

The most important component for corrosion protection is the Ruspert® flake. This is a paint-like additive and is applied by dipping and then baking at 200°C. The Ruspert® coating is mainly used for bulk parts made of materials such as steel, brass, copper, die-cast zinc, aluminium and stainless steels (screws, nuts, washers, springs, turned parts, punched and bent parts). The respective layer combination differs depending on the material. As the final coating, the Ruspert® coating is always the same. 


  • Unique resistance to corrosive gases 
  • Very good adhesion of the coating to the base material
  • No contact corrosion
  • Excellent resistance to influences of the weather such as moisture, water/salt water, fuel, engine oil and brake fluid as well as antifreeze and cleaning agents
  • Temperature resistance with up to 250°C
  • Standard colours: Silver/black, on request: e.g. olive green/brown

Zinc flake corrosion protection systems consist of a base coat and an (optional) top coat. They offer high-performance corrosion protection for connection elements, structural parts and chassis parts.

The base coat is a layer with a high proportion of zinc and aluminium flakes. Organic layers, inorganic seals and/or lubricants are used as a top coat. Zinc flakes are available in silver and black, as well as in additional colours on request.


  • Customised solutions (functional properties, friction behavior, corrosion protection)
  • Ensures electrical conductivity
  • Automobile registration
  • Attractive appearance
  • Particularly suitable for components whose standards place high demands on accuracy of fit
  • No risk of hydrogen embrittlement (high-strength steels)

Our service

It's not just finishing that's of great importance to us: the partnership with the customer is also an expression of our corporate philosophy. You can expect from us comprehensive service and support for all coating requirements and logistics issues. At the same time, we also meet individual requirements quickly and flexibly.


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