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The REISSER A2 stainless steel cleat screw is an innovative, high-quality product for roofing and façades.

This cleat screw with 4.9 x 24 mm dimensions impresses with its SIT®20 countersunk washer head, which allows frictionless sliding of the standing seam panels. This creates a plane and flush surface. The standing seam panel is not damaged when crimped.

In addition to screwing in without wobble, the SIT®20 drive can be found quickly and maximum power can be transmitted without the risk of over-tightening. Processing with a standard TX bit is also possible. However, processing with a SIT® bit also enables faster drive finding and wobble-free screwing. A SIT® bit is included in each screw pack, which allows two-handed assembly. The screw sits tightly on the bit and does not fall off. This means that the other hand is available for cleat positioning.

The slimmed-down drill tip pre-drills the wooden substructures slightly. This allows the single-start thread of the cleat screw to optimally shape the material, resulting in double the retention force of a nail fastening. The drill tip also prevents the wood splitting and centres the screw directly in the cleat hole. This precise processing is not possible when shooting nails. In addition, the drill head can be used to fasten home-made cleats, cleat strips or edge parts without separate pre-drilling. The REISSER cleat screw is suitable for processing wood and wood materials. At the recommended processing speed of 800 to 1000 rpm, it easily penetrates aluminium and copper up to 1.0 mm thick.

Another advantage of the cleat screw is that it can be removed or repositioned easily in the event of accidental incorrect positioning. Neither the standing seam panel or the roof protection film will be damaged. Unscrewing protection also prevents the screw from working loose. Can be processed with a standard cordless drill. It is no longer necessary to waste time carrying devices such as compressors and accessories. Another advantage of the REISSER cleat screw as opposed to a nail is that it can be used on public buildings and steep roofs.

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