Flat hierarchies, more personal interaction, more opportunities for individual employees: The advantages of a medium-sized company are usually quickly told, but they are not always lived so stringently. What does it mean to be part of the REISSER family, in a company that has been operating on the market for over 100 years?

Here, the family atmosphere can be found in every department. Because everyone knows almost everyone here, and this is also experienced in our daily cooperation. Everyone is greeted, no matter what their job is. The "open-door mentality" characterises the company. The two Managing Directors always have an open ear for their staff.  Everyone contributes to the big picture and keeps the company running. This often enables REISSER to act faster and more spontaneously than the competition.

"I really appreciate that you still have the opportunity to have a say. We have short distances and the management always have time for you" says Marketing Manager Stephanie Hille.

Where people work, they can also celebrate. REISSER offers its employees something: Company parties, Christmas markets, family days, anniversary celebrations and trainee induction days are many and varied, and have one thing in common: they strengthen the community and the REISSER family spirit. All for one and one for all. Only the 100th anniversary could not be celebrated yet because of the coronavirus.

"I hope we can make up for the centenary in 2022 and at least offer our employees a great event", says Managing Director Michael Dartsch.

Germany as a location
Germany and the Hohenlohe region are particularly important to the company. A rural but economically strong region. Urban dwellers plagued by congestion and rent worries might justifiably glance enviously at idyllic Hohenlohe. There are even rumours that the fox and hare say goodnight to each other here. For many employees, it is precisely this environment that offers the extra quality of life.

This is also the case for Hildegard Bauer, who has been working in the internal sales department for 43 years. "A home with a garden is nothing rare here. For me, it's quality of life when all I have to do is walk out the front door and I'm already standing in the green."

The Hohenlohe people are a special breed. Not immediately recognisable as Franconians at first glance and certainly not to be confused with Swabians, although the latter is sometimes difficult to understand for non-Hohenlohe ears. Many employees have been with REISSER for two or three decades and have considerable know-how. Nevertheless, the average age is only 42. In order to maintain growth, junior staff come through every year.

"Training is very important to us. We are currently training for nine different professions in the commercial and industrial sectors. In 2021 however, it was very difficult to find trainees. We have a lot of competition in the region anyway, with numerous companies offering training. Coronavirus has made the whole thing more difficult", says H.R. Manager Larissa Gorff.