From a "start-up" to a super-regional manufacturer

Almost 100 years ago, the Reisser brothers, as one of the first start-ups in the Hohenlohe region, laid the foundations for the success story of today's REISSER-Schraubentechnik GmbH and its innovative fastening technology.

REISSER is now one of Europe's leading manufacturers of stainless steel screws, producing fastening elements for customers from industry and also the roofing, wall and solar sectors.

In its own in-house electroplating department, REISSER offers coating solutions for components from a very wide variety of industries.The groundbreaking ceremony for the new electroplating production hall took place just a year ago. Michael Dartsch, Production Director at REISSER, explains: "The electroplating business is one of our growth areas and is an outstanding example of how we are opening up new markets with innovative products and services. With the expansion, we are continuing the success story of our electroplating business and are positioning ourselves on the market as an attractive partner for finishing techniques, not just for screws but also increasingly as an electroplating design brand."

The Trading Division takes care of the supply of specialist retailers, specialist markets and wholesalers. REISSER also offers attractive sales systems for the point-of-sale especially for this target group.The product range includes more than 8,000 different screws and connecting elements made of stainless steel, brass, steel and copper, as well as special materials and alloys. These include chipboard screws, terrace screws and, as a focus, wood construction screws for structural timber construction. REISSER screws can even be found in concert grand pianos.

Around 320 employees work in the REISSER Group under the leadership of Managing Directors Michael Dartsch, Alexander Kimmerle and Peter Plack. The Group has branches in Romania and Hungary, as well as offices in France, Poland and Spain.

REISSER combines innovation and tradition, and in 2021 is proud to be able to look back on 100 years of experience and further development.