Rear-Ventilated Facade

Fastening substructures for façade elements in new and existing constructions


Suspended, rear-ventilated façades are now one of the most successful and widely used façade systems. They can be used in both new and existing constructions and, most importantly, offer countless creative possibilities. This allows each building to be given its own individual character, as it is possible to combine a number of different materials when using these materials. The main focus of the suspended rear-ventilated façade is primarily the structural separation of heat insulation and weather protection, but special requirements such as fire or sound protection must also be taken into account.

REISSER supports the field of the suspended rear-ventilated façade with the following products:

REISSER RDS spacer screw


In contrast to conventional screws, the spacer screw is equipped with two different threads at the head and tip. The head thread is used to keep the profile (wood/aluminium) at a distance. The dowel thread is used for fastening in the substrate by means of an approved plastic frame dowel for tension and compression load transfer. Adjusting the secondary profiles is also simple. They are taken to the right distance and fixed. The RDS is fully compatible in all commercially available insulation materials (weak/strong in compression) and profiles — and can be used in both new builds and renovations.

The A4 material is required in the suspended rear-ventilated façade as installation is no longer visible or accessible. REISSER is the only  "made in Germany" manufacturer to offer the spacer screw in the required A4 material. Due to the low thermal conductivity of the material, this results in only a minimal heat loss as a positive effect.

Due to the simplified fastening of substructures for the suspended, rear-ventilated façade with approved frame anchors, a considerable amount of time is saved when using the RDS compared to conventional assembly. Thanks to fewer work steps, shorter assembly times and therefore higher profitability are achieved. Easy to install without having to laboriously cut the insulation. Furthermore, the RDS in A4 stainless steel as a fire protection-compliant connection system meets the current fire protection requirements and is therefore a safe product in the field of suspended rear-ventilated façades. The sustainability of this system screw is also ensured by its complete reusability.

The RDS is currently available in lengths of 190 mm to 370 mm.


RDS-CA: For fixing secondary aluminium substructures to the front of masonry

RDS-CW: For fixing secondary wooden substructures to the front of masonry

RDS-CTS: For testing existing masonry

The following accessories are available for mounting the spacer screw:


RDS-DJ: Drilling template

Additional tool for pre-drilling masonry and secondary wood substructures bracket at angles 0° and 15°.


PRHOSB: Precision twist wood drill bit

Precision drill bit for wood/hardwood and plastics with optimal centring and chip removal


MEZWBO: Multi-purpose drill bit

Drill bit for drilling a variety of masonry surfaces (especially suitable for brick, perforated brick, sand-lime brick and lightweight concrete)


HBSDS3: SDS hammer drill bit

Hammer drill bit with three cutting edges for concrete and natural stone



REISSER sliding and fixed point screw RV4-B5


Fastening pre-punched aluminium and stainless steel wall brackets

The sliding and fixed point screw is made of A4 stainless steel and is therefore perfectly suitable for use in the rear-ventilated area. It is used for the connection of pre-drilled wall brackets to support profiles on the suspended rear-ventilated façade. The sliding and fixed point screw can be used flexibly for all material combinations from 3 mm to 8 mm. Pre-drilling is not necessary.