RP-r-LK-X-4.8 x 20 edge part screw

For fastening edge parts on building corners, window and door jambs, and the braces of support structures


The REISSER edge part screw made of bi-metal A2 stainless steel is a high-quality and time-saving alternative to the conventional method of attaching edge parts using aluminium rivets. It is the first drilling screw for edge part fastening that completely replaces the more time-consuming process of using rivets. The REISSER edge part screw guarantees simpler and faster attachment, plus a high level of stability.

When fastening edge parts using rivets, holes must be pre-drilled separately, which makes the attachment process considerably longer. When pre-drilling the metal sheets, the drill can run off-centre. Sometimes the drill plunges through the material at the end of the drilling operation, hitting the edge part and damaging it. In both of these cases, the edge part is irreversibly damaged and must be replaced. There is also the risk that the rivet pin will suddenly break, causing buckling and scratching. As a waste product, the rivet pins often have to be collected and disposed of afterwards. What's more, a special riveter is required to drive the rivets. The fact that rivets have significantly lower extraction and shear force values are another reason to use REISSER edge part screws for fastening a wide variety of end plates.

RP-r-LK-X-48x20 2

The edge part screw boasts a rounded and sophisticated SIT® 20 pan head, which not only creates a beautiful look on the edges of the building, but also ensures that the sensitive vapour barrier in the warm roof is not damaged. The special head geometry makes this all possible. The edge part screw ensures high application reliability thanks to having serration under the head, which makes it considerably harder to overtighten the screw when working with thin metal sheets. The screw also features turn-back protection to ensure that it will not work itself loose. The slimmed-down drill tip pre-drills the material slightly. This allows the thread of the edge part screw to optimally shape the material, resulting in a higher holding force. A salt spray test confirms the corrosion resistance of the edge part screw in the building envelope.

The advantages of the REISSER RP-r-LK-X-4.8x20 edge part screw are supported by the current technical approval for steel (Z-14.1-4 appendix 3.367).

The edge part screw can also be used in a magazine. The special drive SIT® 20 ensures optimal, centred fastening. This is included with each screw pack.

Possible applications of the RP-r-LK-X-4.8x20 edge part screw

Window frame: Window frame with drip edge profile on the upper and side window jamb. The jamb profile also acts as an external corner. Visually clean and weatherproof.

Trapezoidal sheet wall with attic profiles: On this facade section, attic profiles have been installed as the upper termination. External corners, drip edge profiles, internal corners and jamb profiles have been installed inside the facade itself. These are visually offset from the rest of the facade to create a visual highlight.

Trapezoidal sheet facade with internal and external corners: The internal and external corners cover the points where the walls of a facade meet. They form a visually seamless termination while ensuring that the facade is protected against weathering.

Wall sheet with drip edge: The drip edge forms the lower termination of a wall made from trapezoidal sheet metal or sandwich elements. It diverts water running off the facade away from the masonry foundation. Drip edges should always be installed on a facade.

Trapezoidal and sheet support structures in the roof: Cutouts made in the trapezoidal sheet in the warm roof are reinforced with steel sheet edge parts for stabilisation purposes. Separation between the support structure and the insulation is introduced to act as a vapour barrier and must not be damaged by the connection elements.