REISSER-Schraubentechnik: Groundbreaking ceremony for logistics centre

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REISSER-Schraubentechnik Spatenstich Logistikzentrum Osterburken
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45 million Euros Investment in the Regional Industrial Park Osterburken (RIO)

With the groundbreaking ceremony for the new logistics centre in Osterburken, REISSER Schraubentechnik GmbH is sending out a positive signal for the local economy in these current difficult times. The groundbreaking ceremony for the state-of-the-art logistics centre in the RIO will take place on 19 July 2022. "So far everything's going to plan. We expect the construction to take 18 months," explains project manager Matthias Essig.

On an area of four hectares, a warehouse of approximately 20,000 square metres will be built in Osterburken, measuring 100 metres wide and 200 metres long. Matthias Essig emphasises that "the new site in Osterburken is of a similar size to the main and production site in Ingelfingen-Criesbach". As a precautionary measure, the company has secured a right of first refusal for an additional 8 hectares on a directly adjacent plot in the RIO in order to be able to tap further growth potential.

Besides the high-tech warehouse, a modern administration building is being constructed at the new logistics site between the Odenwald and the Jagst valley. Michael Dartsch and Alexander Kimmerle are looking positively to the future. The two managing directors know that the new logistics centre in Osterburken represents a milestone for REISSER in terms of establishing the desired future level of service in the logistics sector for a demanding clientèle, as well as for pursuing sustainable goals.

"The investment in Osterburken is the largest in the company's more than one hundred year history. We're sure that the 45 million Euros of investment is worthwhile", affirms Michael Dartsch. For Alexander Kimmerle, the expansion in Osterburken is a logical step that was planned with foresight. In the digital age, the space at REISSER's headquarters in Ingelfingen-Criesbach is too limited for the ambitious strategic plans and growth targets of this manufacturer of high-quality mounting and connecting elements. "We can use the freed-up space in Criesbach to expand our machine pool. This will ensure the further expansion of our production and so continue our growth trajectory."

Until now, REISSER had managed its warehouse logistics via external service providers with additional external warehouses. "However, lead times and process times have become longer and longer in recent years. In the future, the new logistics centre in Osterburken will provide everything from a single source and there'll be no more external warehouses at all", explains Alexander Kimmerle.

Another advantage of the new location in Osterburken is its good transport links, with direct access to the A81 Stuttgart-Heilbronn-Würzburg motorway. The historic "Limes Germanicus" town is the gateway to the European Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, as well as being an important railway hub. Michael Dartsch emphasises that "with the Osterburken logistics centre, we're staying in the region and giving a boost to the location. Close contact with the headquarters in Criesbach is always guaranteed thanks to the short travelling distance."

Once the new logistics centre has been completed, around 60 employees will move from the headquarters in Criesbach to Osterburken, taking their know-how with them to the new location. REISSER is breaking new technical ground with the logistics centre in Osterburken: the heart of the logistics centre will be an autostore system. This is a fully automated storage and order picking system.

Automated high-bay stackers are being used for the first time in the company's history. Alexander Kimmerle is pleased to announce that "in the new warehouse, the ready-weighed and ready-to-sell screw packs will be stored in a total of over 75,000 autostore containers. Since no vehicle aisles are needed, the autostore system is very compact and offers high space utilisation."

The managing director sees another advantage of the innovative autostore system in that it promotes an ergonomic way of working. "The goods come to the staff. In the weighing area there are height-adjustable assembly tables, with lifting aids at the pallet picking area." More than 18,000 pallet spaces are provided in the pallet warehouse, served by the automated high-bay stackers. "We can store over three times as many pallets here compared with the Criesbach site", adds Michael Dartsch.

REISSER is relying on a modern and sustainable construction method for construction of the warehouse and the administration building. The hybrid concrete-wood construction method will play a key role in the administration building. Wood is the more climate-friendly building material, while prefabricated concrete elements – with their noise protection, fire protection and load-bearing behaviour properties – are the ideal components for a supporting structure. The company also expects many advantages from using a rear ventilated facade. "The rear ventilated facade is one of the most successful facade systems on the market today, and we also see very great potential on the market for REISSER. The main focus of the rear ventilated facade is the structural separation of thermal insulation and weather protection, but it must also take into account special requirements such as fire protection or noise protection. This means that the insulation and the cladding are separated from each other and a rear ventilation space is created that is an important corrective factor for moisture regulation in the masonry", explains Michael Dartsch.

For the construction of the logistics centre, REISSER is able to make use of its own product range: spacer screws are being used in the facade of the administration building, with sandwich screws providing stability in the facade of the logistics halls. The new building in Osterburken has been planned and is being constructed according to the standard energy-efficient construction guidelines of the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) (Reconstruction Credit Institute).

Matthias Essig confirms that "concrete core temperature control, photovoltaic systems on the hall roofs and heat pumps are just a few examples of the many energy measures we will be implementing. A multi-storey car park with charging stations for electric vehicles is also a firm part of the plan."

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